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2014 Annual Summary

I am delighted to report that our performance in 2014 reflected our excellent team work and was in line with our expectations and guidance on every key metric.

The last year was a truly productive one for Cloudberry. As we said last December, our objective for 2014 was to start playing with the big boys and we managed to accomplish that as we began working with government clients and increased our corporate client base.

In 2014 we added more non-traditional languages to our core languages of Russian, Arabic and Mandarin and provided high-quality interpreting, translation and language instruction services in Tagalog, Indonesian, Swahili, Urdu, Albanian, Twi and Japanese in Illinois, Colorado and other states.

We designed unique language immersion programs for adults and now offer them in Colorado, Michigan, Illinois and North Carolina. You can now immerse yourself in a foreign language 24/7 for a couple of weeks without leaving the country or even your own state.

Driven by our mission, which includes providing global opportunities, fostering bilingualism and creating cross-cultural understanding, we think not only in terms of quarters but also in terms of generations. That’s why it is important for us to provide access to languages other than the traditional Spanish and French taught at most schools. We have become experts in tailoring curriculums for public and private schools and providing language instruction at these schools so that students can get credit and master some of the most spoken languages in the world. We remain committed to children’s programs at every level of our company. We continue to develop unique heritage programs for those who speak another language at home.

We also believe it is important to continue providing an inclusive workplace: we work hard on recruiting and providing flexibility for mothers, military spouses and recent immigrants.  A mom-friendly schedule and immigrant-friendly environment helps us attract and retain the best linguist talent and provide flexibility so parents can raise their families and New Americans can find rewarding jobs.

We continue to deliver high-quality and affordable language training, interpreting and translation services as well as transcription, video dubbing and subtitling. We have become even more flexible in order to meet changing customer needs.

We are impressed with the results we have achieved thus far. We are proud of the individual steps we have taken and the larger journey on which we have embarked.

In 2015 our goal is to continue transforming lives, finding innovative ways to increase our impact and delivering training in the most challenging languages to every family.

Have a fruitful and regret free 2015!