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Why Cloudberry?

Learning a language doesn’t simply mean memorizing useful phrases and mastering grammar. It's more about absorbing another culture and understanding a different mindset. The more languages people learn, the more they expand their horizons and begin seeing things that they might not have noticed before.

A cloudberry is an actual berry that grows in northern Russia, Scandinavia, the Baltic countries, some parts of Germany, northern Canada, Scotland and Alaska. It's one of the regions' best kept secrets. A favorite delicacy known to a few and waiting to be discovered by the curious.

Learning languages at Cloudberry Language School will enable you to discover the surrounding world and become a well-rounded person who is open to other cultures. Our teachers, primarily native speakers, are eager to share their cultures with you and your children and help you uncover opportunities that are inaccessible to those who don’t speak a foreign language. Learn about Russian Theater, Dostoevsky and Chekhov, find out how to make real “caffé italiano,” explore the wisdom of Chinese characters, travel confidently in the Middle East and the Caribbean, acquire strong business connections in Dubai and Saudi Arabia, preserve your heritage language while it’s not too late. Don’t miss out on those rare berries life offers.