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Our Approach

At Cloudberry we believe simply dividing students into age groups as well as into beginner-intermediate-advanced levels is not an effective method for learning. Every family is different and has a unique heritage and perspective. Based on our international teaching experience, we have brought to Chicago a unique model of language acquisition based on students’ values and needs.

What makes our school different:

1. Non-traditional languages. It’s the only school in the U.S. that focuses on Russian, Chinese and Arabic, which are critical needs languages but are not as commonly available as others.

2. Highly customized and student-centered lessons. Our school doesn’t believe in a single magic recipe and carefully chooses and combines techniques – from immersion programs and fun activities to formal lessons depending on students’ goals. We utilize numerous teaching resources and build lessons around the students' interests. Our teachers participate in the nation’s best workshops and employ the latest methods and best practices.

3. A lot of culture. Learning a language doesn’t simply mean memorizing useful phrases and mastering grammar. Learning a language is about absorbing another culture and understanding a different mindset. Our teachers, all native speakers, are eager to share their cultures with you and your children and help you uncover opportunities that are inaccessible to people who don’t speak a foreign language.

4. Lessons based on practical topics. At Cloudberry you won’t just learn phrases and vocabulary but will feel comfortable ordering food in restaurants, bargaining in a foreign market, making an appointment over the phone or asking for directions. Our lessons are developed based on real world scenarios.

5. Family programs. Our school offers unique separate family programs for adopted children or those who want to learn a language as a family.

6. Heritage programs. Cloudberry is an expert in teaching languages to heritage speakers (who speak another language at home). Our heritage teachers receive the best training and utilize the latest resources. Learn more about heritage language.

7. Progress reports. We like to see your progress! That’s why we developed a unique progress tracking system. We will constantly update you on your strengths and weaknesses.


Watch this video for a quick peek of our fun lessons.