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Apps to Learn Russian Language

Kristina Guzikova, Owner of Russian VoiceOver

We understand that the world has changed dramatically over the last 10 years, so education should change too! At Cloudberry we keep an eye on all the latest trends and incorporate all kinds of technology into the learning process.

Today Cloudberry reviewed the main apps that help children in learning the Russian language. They work well for both children and adults at the beginner level. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find good Apps for more advanced students but we have been in contact with developers about creating such apps. The existing apps can be divided into four categories:

  1. Vocabulary builders. They are good for learning Russian as a foreign language.

The best Apps are Kids at Home/Дети дома – excellent vocabulary for all the things surrounding us at home with a breakdown by room (kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc.)

Lingu Pinguin – easy and fun to use

Russian Flashcards – contains lots of vocabulary such as clothes, transportation, colors, numbers, etc.

Snow White – amusing quizzes and funny memory games both in Russian and English

Russian Lesson Flashcards – standard flashcards

  1. Alphabet learning games. They work well both for those who study Russian as a foreign language and for those who speak Russian at home and are learning how to read.

      The best ones are Буковки, Алфавиты для детей, iFavit/Алфавит за неделю

  1. Spelling games. Smart Speller is a good one to work on spelling Russian words.
  1. Fairytales. After comparing all the apps in this category we think that reading actual books is more interesting.

A friend of our school, professional voiceover artist, Kristina Guzikova, recently did a voiceover for an iPhone application that helps kids learn their first Russian words:

“Nowadays, children are becoming connected to technology at an increasingly early age. A two year-old knows (if not better than you than definitely better than your grandma) how to operate your iPhone. We should definitely take advantage of their desire to discover new gadgets and apply it to fun learning projects. That’s why it was great to work on the ZOOLA App for IPhone.”

ZOOLA First Words is a perfect tool for toddlers who are just learning to speak. With cute animations and addictive themes, this App teaches children basic words in a fun and communicative way. Lively artwork and an easy-to-use interface help kids learn 90 basic words in 6 categories: animals, vehicles, food, nature, clothing and at home. Download your app here:

"At Russian VoiceOver we know firsthand that demand for Russian language in the U.S. is now on the rise again. We see renewed American interest in all things Russian. Russia’s growing economy and increasing importance on the global stage are part of what is driving the new interest in Russian studies in the U.S. Its geographical position in Eurasia also makes it a significant player in the two most important geopolitical trends of the twenty-first century: the rise of China as a global power and the changes in the greater Islamic world. Since both regions border Russia, they affect what is going on inside the country, while Russia also affects those regions. Therefore, we believe the creation of a language school that focuses on these strategic languages is a wise and timely response to this national trend. We are happy that such a school was founded in our native Chicago!"

You can check out more of Kristina's projects at her website