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We are always looking for talented, flexible, well-rounded and passionate teachers of Russian, Mandarin Chinese and Arabic languages and culture. ESL/EFL, Indonesian, Tagalog, Dari/Pashto, Korean, Hindi, Urdu, and Swahili language instructors and interpreters are also frequently required in different locations.


  1. BA, MA desired
  2. Understanding the second language acquisition process and teaching techniques
  3. Ability to communicate with different people and incorporate fun activities (both with adults and children)
  4. Ability to create engaging, effective and interesting lessons based on practical materials
  5. Enthusiasm for culture and language
  6. A desire to learn and attend training sessions
  7. Motivation to grow in foreign language education
  8. Proficiency in English (and the target language)
  9. Experience teaching foreign languages is desired but not required

Cloudberry provides training to all new teachers.


  1. Developing and implementing communicative, task-based, student-centered, and proficiency-oriented learning activities in accordance with course requirements
  2. Explaining concepts clearly and coherently to students and providing constructive feedback to students in a timely manner.
  3. Assisting with the evaluation of students as necessary
  4. Participating in field trips within the area
  5. Holding lessons that include survival, familiarization, language/regional expertise/culture, initial acquisition, sustainment/enhancement, situational, and live environment training

Part-time, different locations around the country (online, Chicago and the suburbs, Colorado, North Carolina, Florida, Virginia, South Carolina and other),  work on evenings and weekends is possible, work with adults and/or children at all levels of proficiency.


  • Opportunity for training and development in foreign language education
  • Free lessons for teachers and their children
  • Community of like-minded professionals
  • Opportunity to provide the local communities with a global perspective

Please email your resume (and certificates if any) to