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Heritage Language

Cloudberry is the only year-round daily language school in the Midwest and Colorado that focuses on teaching languages to heritage speakers and improving their writing, reading and speaking skills by having groups at the same proficiency level in addition to half-day and full-day immersion programs.

You have come to the right language school, if:

  • You would like to refresh your heritage language or start learning it and connect to your roots
  • Your child responds to you in English even though you only speak your native language at home
  • Your child has an accent when speaking your heritage language
  • You believe that your child should study using the same textbooks you used when you lived in your home country. Or you strongly disagree.
  • Your child speaks fluently in your heritage language but doesn’t understand some phrases or jokes and doesn’t know national writers, artists and singers
  • Your child has a limited vocabulary in your native language
  • Your child makes minor grammar mistakes in conversation
  • Your child doesn’t like to read in your heritage language
  • Your child is fluent but can’t write
  • You want your child to be able to communicate comfortably with your relatives on Skype, over the phone and in person
  • You want to get regular reports on your child’s progress

At Cloudberry we understand that there is no one magic recipe for every child.  Some children can and should speak only the target language during our classes. Others need more help with grammar before being immersed in a language. Some children naturally enjoy working in a group, while others feel shy and need time to gain confidence. Contact us today and we will help you identify what approach is right for your child!