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Translation and Interpreting

We offer interpretation & translation services to provide a one-stop language company for corporate and government clients.


Cloudberry works hard to support your day-to-day businesses. We are committed to providing you and your clients with accurate and professional interpretations. Cloudberry only works with high-achiever conference interpreters who have a proven record of outstanding performance. Our interpreters are full-time professionals with post-secondary education in both pair languages.

Cloudberry offers professional services for international events, including training, congresses, conferences, seminars, client visits, trade shows and other multilingual meetings. We always carry out a thorough examination of your event in order to determine what type of interpretation is best suited for you and your client needs. We always select qualified interpreters against the event theme and presentation topics. Our technical staff will recommend the most adequate interpretation equipment for the event at hand.


Cloudberry adheres to a three-step (edit, proof and final check) process to ensure the highest possible quality of the end product. Once a translation is produced, technical editor checks it for accuracy, consistency and integrity of technical content. Style editor (if necessary) looks after readability, including proper syntax, spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Throughout the process, channels of communication are open between translator(s), editor(s) and industry expertProofreader checks the text for any omissions, typos and formatting (complex formats are handled by layout engineer). Finally, project coordinators run the final check to ensure the final product about to be delivered meets all of the client’s specifications and requirements.

Subtitling and Dubbing

Cloudberry has vast experience in dubbing indifferent languages for various purposes: voiceovers of films, TV commercials, Internet broadcasts and training videos. We always use the right professional talent for the dubbing project at hand.

We work with professional native-speaking narrators and actors who are meticulously faithful to the original style of your program, whether documentary or video for training purposes. Their experience and expertise coupled with that of our technical staff ensure lip synchronization, perfect timing and the highest quality of production. As a general rule we deliver final files in any format required.

Training for translators

Cloudberry has an excellent reputation with the linguistic community in the U.S. for providing training to its translators and interpreters. The company offers a wide range of learning opportunities to its linguists.

Ongoing courses/workshops run by external consultants/trainers or our staff translators/ industry experts:

  •  enhancing translation/interpretation skills (Speech and Voice classes for interpreters, editing, note-taking techniques for interpreters, translation of proper names, etc.)
  • covering various aspects of subject-matter areas (Medical, Oil & Gas, Finance & Banking, Law, etc.)
  • mastering computer skills (use of translation memory tools (TRADOS), project management systems, basic formatting for various applications
  • external courses (professional editing, simultaneous interpretation, industry-specific training)

Communities of practice (our translator/editor groups regularly meet (in our premises and online) to discuss terminology, share knowledge, come up with clever translation solutions)

Medical Interpreting training will provide you with the skills needed for professional and culturally competent interpreting. Topics covered include: 

  • Role of the interpreter
  • Modes of interpreting
  • Code of ethics
  • Cultural competency
  • Medical Terminology
  • Ethical and cultural issues
  • Effective communication
  • Legal Issues
  • Advocacy and professionalism
  • Role plays

Upon successful completion of the program (and a final test) you will receive a certificate of achievement. The certificate is proof of your bilingual proficiency and interpreting skills. As well as language service agencies, you can apply to interpret for schools, hospitals, and many other institutions.